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Information for parents. Tips resources, information and support
This section is dedicated to gather resources and information to improve the quality of life of children with hearing loss and their families.

Parents Guide
For your support we have developed a parent’s guide to help you understand better about hearing loss and answer questions you might have.
The purpose of this Parents Guide developed by PCP is not to assess your knowledge about hearing loss of your child or summarize all available information about the current state of audiology. Our intention is to provide you with an initial guidance, based on the requirements of many parents who at the time found themselves in the same situation.
You can download our Parent’s guide in category of resources.
Certified Pediatric Fitting Center
Centers preferred for pediatric audioprosthetic attention

The PCP is an initiative that has the goal to communicate and improve aid corrections possibilities for children with hearing disease. PCP wishes to actively cooperate with the best professionals, specialists, administrative authorities, parents and different liaisons or associates.

Therefore the aim of our program is to establish criteria for child friendly audioprosthetic attention together with qualified professionals, specialists and parents. Our quality label "ZIP"(Zona Infantil Phonak - in Spain) indicates that the corresponding clinics are cooperating with the standards of PCP.

In Spain for example currently we count with twenty four centers. Download brochure about "ZIP" in category of resources

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Brochure about ZIP
Centros Preferentes de Intervención Audioprotésica Pediátrica Centros Preferentes de Intervención Audioprotésica Pediátrica

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