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Information for professionals. PCP´s classroom
One of PCP primary goals is the training of specialists that participate in the intervention of children with hearing loss. We are convinced that information should be accessible, because from this comes knowledge.

In this section we publish different kinds of material that have been created in training courses organized by Phonak’s Children Program, as well as contributions made by a numerous amount of professionals committed with the task of sharing their work experiences and research in order to benefit children with hearing loss.

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Auditory Processing Disorderes
Difficulties in Language and Speech Development

Auditory Processing Disorders are a consequence of an alteration or inability for the reception, analysis and processing of auditory information. They affect speech comprehension, language development, hearing capacity, and the possibility of efficient learning. They consist in an inability to attend, discriminate, recall and understand speech, even when peripheral hearing and other cognitive competencies are within normal parameters. However, they can also coexist with other alterations.

In this section we publish material of interest in the area of auditory processing disorders.

FM Systems
Frequency Modulated Systems
A frequency modulated system (FM) is a technical device that consists of a microphone, a transmitter (used by the speaker) and receptor (used by the child). The microphone captures the voice of the person that speaks and sends it to the transmitter. The transmitter transforms sounds and sends them through radio waves to the receptor used by the child. There waves are converted into amplified sound, perceived through hearing aids or cochlear implants. Many times, an FM system can help a child that does not use hearing aids or a cochlear implant, but has difficulties when focusing and capturing certain sounds in noisy environments. In this section, you will find up to date information about FM systems along with the Educators Guide to FM Systems in the Classroom developed by Phonak’s Children Program.

Audioprosthetic and Pediatric Fitting Group Protocols
Protocols of Consensus on Procedures
The Pediatric Fitting Group Protocols were created by members of the Phonak Pediatric Program. These groups are formed by professionals in areas such as ENT, audioprosthetics, hearing and speech therapy, speech-language pathology, psychology, education and services provided to parents of children with hearing loss. Its primary goal is to develop protocols for procedures obtained through consensus, in order to attend to the needs of children with hearing loss and their families.

In this section we publish documents and courses of action developed by APFGP.

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Audioprosthetic and Pediatric Fitting Group Protocols

Auditory processing disorders (APD)


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